Cashew Butter & Banana Toast

Cashew Butter & Banana Toast

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We’re celebrating Wheat Bread by sharing our take on a traditional breakfast staple. You guessed it, toast.

Cashew Butter & Banana Toast

Packed with protein, fiber, potassium, and tons of flavor – its versatile, easy to make, and totally delectable. Breakfast, lunch, or late night snack – this is one you can feel good about. For kids and adults alike.


  1. Slice your chosen bread into ½ inch slices and toast the number of slices you wish to prepare. Start by spreading your Cashew Butter evenly onto each slice.
  2. Then cut your Banana into ¼ circles and layer over the Cashew Butter. One Banana should be enough for 2 slices of toast.
  3. Next, drizzle a bit of honey across the entire arrangement. Finish by sprinkling a few Flaxseeds on top and eat up. Yum!

Try one of these simple substitutions to keep ‘toasting’ all year long:

  • Add fresh seasonal berries or a teaspoon of preserves for a spin on PB&J
  • Swap out the Wheat Bread for Rockenwagner Fruit & Nut Oval to enjoy a nice hearty bite.
  • Substitute Cashew Butter for any salty spread. May we suggest Sunflower Seed, or Hazelnut with Cocoa.
  • Instead of Banana & Flaxseed, top with sliced Pear, Cardamom, Raisins, Honey & a pinch of Salt.