• Rockenwagner Pretzel Bites
  • Salt Package (included)


  1. Lightly spray (mist) the tops of the pretzels with cool water from a distance of at least at least 18”. You don’t want to soak the skin, just moisten it.
  2. LIGHTLY Sprinkle the Pretzel Salt provided to have a small amount on each pretzel. You can re-use any salt that falls off onto the sheetpan after your baking process.
  3. Bake in your pre-heated 350° oven for 4-6 minutes, just enough to heat the pretzel through completely, and to dry the salt adhering to the tops.
  4. Serve immediately for a crisp crust and tender center crumb freshness. 
  5. Do not cover the pretzel after baking, or place in tight sealed containers, as it will sweat and become slimy due to the pretzel dip solution.
  6. This baking process will work if toasted sesame seeds or poppy seeds are desired instead of salt, or just to bake plain without toppings if desired.
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