Röckenwagner's par-baked and frozen breads are perfect for discerning home cooks. The home- and par-baked sectors have seen significant growth in recent years because people crave fresh, warm bread, but often don't have the time to make it from scratch or pick it up straight from the bakery. If you're looking for the best quality bake-at-home items that are preservative-free and made fresh daily, look no further than Röckenwagner. Our delicious Italian trattoria-style ciabatta loaves and rolls, or French bistro-style baguettes can all be baked and on your table in under 15 minutes! Although making bread doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, it is notoriously difficult to make, especially when you have limited time. Bread takes time and patience, and that’s why we’ve made it easier than ever for busy people to bake our delicious bread right at home. Don’t settle for anything less than the best bread in Los Angeles. We can save you time and money by providing you with delicious bread in a snap. Bread has been a significant part of our history as a source of nutrition and comfort. Even just the smell can invoke some positive childhood memories and add a wholesome touch to every meal. Our team of exceptional bakers is ready to help you add a unique culinary experience to your Southern California business. We are proud to offer an extensive line of mouthwatering bread. Browse through our products today and imagine all the possibilities that open up when you are at Rockenwagner Bread to your routine.

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